The calendar shows when Taiko Tides will perform, if there are any workshops, or if there is anything else Taiko Tides will be involved in.

April 11, 2012 Shirley Strum Kenny Student Arts Festival 12-3PM (SAC)

April 12, 2012 JSO Night 7-10PM (SAC Ballroom A)

April 15, 2012 Asian Extravaganza 7PM (Lauterburg)

April 18, 2012 Earth Stock 12-3PM (Academic Mall)

April 20, 2012 All Around Asia 8-9:30PM (H-Quad)

April 21, 2012 Japan Night at Binghamton 7pm-10pm (Binghamton University)

April 26, 2012 Thilanna Banquet 7:30-10pm (SAC Ballroom A)

May 5, 2012 Sakura Matsuri (Wang Center)

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