Song Pieces

Kuchi shoga, Kuchi showa, or Kuchi shoka is the way we learn the patterns of a taiko song.

Most of the Kuchishoga are in PDF format. Some of them are in PNG, which is an image format. Verbal kuchishoga is provided for some of the pieces in MP3 format. Some pieces have a file of the actual song. Enjoy!

Song Name Kuchishoga Sound File Backbeat
Renshu PDF Kuchishoga MP3
Kuchishoga MP3 (Reverb)
Odaiko PDF Kuchishoga MP3 (slow speed)
Kuchishoga MP3 (medium speed)
Matsuri Daiko PNG Kuchishoga MP3 (72 BPM)  
Hiryu Sandan Geishi PNG Song MP3  
Chichibu Yatai Bayashi DOC
Kasa Bayashi PNG    

Oral Songs

Song Name Video Download
Kiyari Youtube DOC

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