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Hi, my name is Chris Kim!

I was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to the States when I was around 10.

Before coming to the States, I stayed for a year in the Philippines.

After attending a private school for a year I headed off back to Korea.

However, my stay in Korea was short and my mother and I moved to the United States in a few months.

If I remember correctly, We first lived in New Jersey for a while before finding our own place in Queens.

There I went to school for the first time in the States in a place called P.S.221

Skip forward a couple years and I was enrolled in high school at Stuyvesant in lower tribeca of Manhatthan

It was a fun experience going to school in the city and I had lots of experiences with friends that I made.

After graduating, I decided to go to Stonybrook for college.

I wanted to pursue studies in Biology so Stonybrook was a good choice. And the scholarship didn't hurt either.

Now here at Stonybrook, I hope to have fun and hone my intellect further.

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Author: Chris Kim