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Hey everyone! My name is Justin. I'm a 24 year old college student and entrepreneur. I currently attend Stony Brook Universitry, and i am studying Business Managment.

I used to be a mathamatics major, but i decided to change that last semester. I made this decision based on the fact that i have been running my own business for a little over two years now. I run a moving company that i started with one of my roommates. It is hard to balance work and school, but being my own boss and making my own schedule definitely helps. To make them both possible, I stack my classes into mostly two days, to free up the rest of my week for work. This is my schedule for the fall semester: Courses

Going to school and managing a business can be a lot to handle, so it isn't often that I get free time. When I do find myself with free time, I have many talents and hobbies. Check out how I like to spend my free time here: Hobbies & Talents

Author: Justin Kaller