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Hi My name is M.Haris Khan.I am a junoir at Stony Brook University.I am majoring in Mechanical engineering. I like to travel alot but first for doing that, i have to earn alot as well.I like to explore and meet people from different parts of the world,so i can learn more about there culture and values. Originally I am from Pakistan. Me and my family moved to U.S 4 years back.The journey in U.S has been amazing. Now U.S, is my home as is Pakistan.I am the President of PSA(Pakistani student Association)Club on campus.I loves animals. I had a dog,her name was penzy,I had to give it to my friend when i was moving to U.S. At Stony brook,i made alot of friends.People get home sick often but i really dont. I do miss my family but my friends and some of the Professor's i know treat me as there family.Life is a journey and stony brook for me is an important part of it.

With Friends
With friends