The clone stamp tool was undoubtedly the most used utensil. Its use was applicable to all three images and contributed to the alteration of colors, fixing of blemishes, and eliminatation of distracting detail.

I experienced the most difficulty in choosing the correct colors to accuretly reflect the scenario of the photo, while still maintaining authenticity and a sort of 'vintage' feel. I intended for the colors to stand out, and allow for a less damaged look, while still holding on to their origin. This was particularly difficult when it came to the black and white photo. I believe that had I chosen a photo with more background detail, such as a landscape, I would have had an easier time applying more realistic colors. I found it particularly difficult to choose realistic skin tones.

Seeing the outcome of the photos was extremely entertaining. It is incredible how much manipulation can be done to images with our current technology. Although I found all the topics taught in this class extremely informative and valuable, I do not see myself doing much coding or animations in the near future. However, my newly absorbed knowledge of photoshop will undoubtedly be put into use.


My brother and myself: The most exciting portion in the alteration process of this photo was that of replacing the floor molding. During the elimination of the bag in the left corner, and the door in the right corner, multiple portions of the floor looked distorted. In order to fix them, I used the clone stamp tool to copy the existing, untouched borders. I then positioned them accurately to reflect a continuous mold. I also found the clone stamp tool useful in filling out the red stripes on the right side of the carpet. In the initial photo the right side was extremely dark and needed enhancement, however, it was difficult to clone the pattern.

My father: The alteration process for this photo was the most problematic. I had an immensely difficult time choosing accurate skin and hair tones to reflect a realistic look. I attempted to make the leaves look as realistic as possible by shuffling different shades of green into different locations. I tried to shade, and use different sized brushes to give them a lively look.

My brother: This photo was by far the most entertaining for me to enhance. I found it particularly enjoyable to perfect the lines throughout the car. It was extremely diffcult to maintain correct lineage throughout the photo, and stay within the lines of the car detail, but it was thrilling to see it come together correctly. I made it a point to use the same rustic colors to better the image and maintain the original older feel.


This photo depicts myself and my brother on the kitchen floor, of our childhood apartment. Born in Moscow, Russia, we grew up in an entirely different environment than that of the one we found here. Although our lives have been molded and evolved in the United Sates, there is always a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality when we are faced with our early childhood memories.

Personally, my dad in his mid twenties is an increasingly interesting sight. I was told my entire life that I had an uncanny resemblance to him. It is evident from his earlier pictures, that me and him do indeed have many similair facial features. In this photo he stands on the balcony of the apartment that, upon my visits to Russia, I have the pleasure of standing on myself.

This is one of my favorite early photos of my older brother, taken during a family vacation to the Black Sea. My brother is seen wearing overalls that I still own! (unfortunately they no longer fit either of us.) I have a particular liking towards photos of my family prior to my birth. I was born three years following the collapse of the Soviet Union. A draft of changing winds enclosed Russia during those times. I could not physically experience it, but it is noticaeble even through photographs.